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Message from the President

 「Smart and Human」

  Contributing to the development of an inclusive society,

   through the cultivation of smart individuals with a strong sense of humanity

Yagi Kiichiro,
President, Setsunan University

In recent years, there have been dramatic changes, both domestically and internationally, in the ways we live our lives. This has required us to seek out new and innovative ways of viewing industry, society, and our very existence. Now that both Japan and the world are undergoing significant changes, we need to reevaluate the importance of the intelligence and sense of humanity developed by our ancestors. Accordingly, we must incorporate science and technology, as well as culture, into our lives in order to form a sustainable society in which people share their existence with dignity.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary since establishment, our institution has continued to grow as a university with 13 departments in 7 faculties and 6 graduate schools. We support our students in their acquisition of essential, well-developed knowledge in each specialized area, and to show them how to make the best use of it in practical settings. Also as a university that offers studies in both the humanities and science, we guide them to understanding people and society from a broader viewpoint, and help them become individuals with high levels of intelligence and a sense of humanity. We also place a strong emphasis on small class sizes and practical education, in order to expand our students' opportunities for learning and research through interactions with local communities, industries and administrative organizations. In addition, all the teaching and office staff utilizes their skills and knowledge to provide full support and guidance for our main concern--our students.

Our tagline "Smart and Human" represents our philosophy of intelligence and sense of humanity. Through this, we hope we can best serve our students, prospective students, and society in general.


Today, the entire world is facing a variety of difficult challenges, and the list continues to grow: natural resources, food, climate change, healthcare, disasters, environmental destruction, conflicts, and poverty. In order to build a sustainable society, we must be committed to problem solving through the exploration of new intelligences and the pursuit of a stronger sense of humanity. With this in mind, SETSUDAI VISION 2025 has been formulated specifically to clarify our position and the roles we can play. Please click on the following link for details.

About Setsunan University